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People's dietary status can either prevent or make them more susceptible to developing a chronic disease. A balanced diet is vital for optimum health, physical development, and the regulation of essential bodily functions. For faster healing and greater health, patients should strictly abide by the nutrition recommendations made by healthcare professionals. Diet therapy is a component of medical care for a number of illnesses, including obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and renal failure. Consequently, the science of nutrition is both preventative and therapeutic.

Different illnesses can be treated and prevented in large part with proper nutrition. Making healthy dietary choices and regular trips to the dietician are the first steps on the unprecedented path of keeping excellent health. To make sure that all the additional requirements are covered, it is crucial to seek nutrition counselling and a thorough dietary analysis.

Hospital Services
In order to determine objectives and requirements for enhancing dietary intake and health, our clinical dieticians do thorough nutritional assessments on inpatients.
According to the patient's health and condition, individualised plans are created, and care is provided.
We at The Medicity Health are also involved in the planning and delivery of a range of lectures designed to provide patients with crucial nutrients and wellness information.

Our hospitals offer nutrition counselling, which is given by dieticians in a discreet atmosphere. It aims to offer top-notch services from highly qualified dieticians.

Specialized fields:

  1. Cancer Nutrition
  2. Loss of weight
  3. Oncology Nutrition
  4. Paediatric Nutrition
  5. Wellness Nutrition
  6. Cholesterol,
  7. Hypertension,
  8. Diabetes,
  9. Dialysis and Non-Dialysis,
  10. Gastrointestinal Disorders etc.

The dieticians at The Medicity are also active in a variety of neighbourhood initiatives. Women's and senior citizen groups, school programmes, other support groups, and local corporations are all presented lectures on the importance of nutrition.

To provide patients, workers, visitors, and guests with platters that are both satiating and nutritionally adequate, the food services team collaborates closely with the dieticians. The staff takes great effort to quickly produce and deliver the proper patient-ordered diet order.

We provide therapeutic diets for hospital patients, such as diabetic diets, low salt diets, high protein diets, and others based on the patient's condition and personal preferences.

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