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How ‘Medicity’ Is Offering India’s Best Hands On Training In Laparoscopic Surgery

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Medicity Research institute is an online platform for medical enthusiasts who are looking to gain hands-on training in various healthcare departments including different Laparoscopic surgeries. In this blog post, you’re going to understand the reasons and X-factors behind the success of our platform, specifically for Laparoscopic surgery training. The best part of our training program is the maximum possible practical sessions like 3-4 cases on a daily basis in laparoscopic surgery training. Also, the ease of payment as it is doesn't mandate to pay in a single payment in advance before joining the program. Just pay the reservation fees and you're good to enroll in the training program. Many more…let’s look into the post.

The Medicity Provide Best Laparoscopic Surgery Training in the Country:

Medicity is considered one of the leading laparoscopic surgery training providers in the country just because of the facility and features, we offer to our pioneering doctors looking to gain hands-on exposure in the industry. Here are the features why our laparoscopy training is on the top. In most of the scenarios, many of the course providers just explain theories and max to max observership during the surgery. So, we have avoided all these mistakes that pull you back in your career and pour the quality training material with practical sessions on live patients. 

Daily Minimum 2-3 Cases:

We have partnered with the different hospitals to utilize their resources and facilities to provide at least 2-3 cases on a daily basis to every attendee under the supervision of one of our specialized trainer doctors these are minimum numbers but usually, once you joined the program, you'll get to polish your surgical skills on 5-7 cases daily. This makes the biggest difference between us and other institutes. To join our program, medicity online training registration is easy to fill up, either you can directly call to enquire or fill the form attached to get connected with one of our counseling staff.

Complete Hands-on Training:

Well, this is completely true but in a context, you have to pass the first few days in the observership and only when your trainers feel confident about your skill set, then you’ll get the opportunity to perform surgeries on real patients as we all should understand that the surgeries will get performed on real live patients and your senior doctor can’t take any risk on their lives. The surgery process goes from an initial introduction about the procedures and guidelines, then a few days in an observership, and then practical surgeries on real patients till the program duration ends.

Accommodation Facility:

The common justification we listen to from our potential trainees before joining is that if they came to the training center where they stay, and if so, what will be the amenities & facilities in our accommodation parts. We have tie-ups with multiple guest houses for your accommodation in the nearby training center. The notable point over here is that the accommodation charges will be applied additionally apart from training fees. The rooms are well hygienic and clean, available for sharing for those who do have not much bigger budgets.

Double Certification:

At the end of the training program for laparoscopic surgery, all the participating doctors will achieve double recognition from both - The Medicity & Partner Hospital. The best part is that as you’re getting certification from both the institutes and hospitals, you’re eligible to claim all the benefits from us and our partner hospitals such as free webinars, exclusive perks, and other specific benefits.

In addition to all, each candidate that wants to enroll in the medicity online training institute has the option to either pay once in advance or/can pay the first installment as registration fees to lock the seat in the batch. For more information and details about the program, you can just call our toll-free number at 1800-572-9494 or write to us at [email protected].    


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