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Ultrasound is becoming one of the most promising careers for medical enthusiasts as they work closely with physicians, Gynecologists, and other senior doctors. The market for ultrasound is growing rapidly over the recent years becoming the main reason behind the huge demand of different short-term learning programs like a gynecology ultrasound course. In this blog post we are going to understand the growth of the ultrasound market, practical ultrasound training course, and a leading ultrasound training institute.

Ultrasound Market & Training Course Demand:

Not just in Asia pacific, but worldwide the demand of ultrasound, and related devices are increasing over time and this leads to the need of impactful and standard based ultrasound course programs. As per ‘allied market research’ article, the demand of ultrasound in Asia pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% between 2021-2028. On the other side the market demand of sonography worldwide is estimated to reach $12.93 Billion till 2028 with a growth rate of 7.5% as per the article from ‘fortune business insights’. This astonishing growth in USG is leading to a gap for specialized ultrasound professionals in the market, and short term courses are becoming more popular as time passes. We, at the medicity, offer a hands-on gynaecology ultrasound course for those who need to perform advanced diagnosys in B&W as well as colored Sonography

Hands-on Ultrasound Training Programme:

We have designed a total of one week of practical ultrasound training for gynaecologists and general surgeons. Our partner training hospital is well equipped with the latest tools and technology used in Ultrasonography. Each candidate who joins our hands-on sonography training, gets the access to live theory sessions, recorded video lectures, practical demonstration, and case study reviews. The training course enables for practitioner doctors, a foundational understanding of ultrasound anatomy, different orientation, and knowledge of various scanning tools and techniques used by experts to diagnose and treat the patients.

Who can join the course?

Although the course is extensively designed for gynae, and obstetricians, doctors and other individuals from the general surgery department also can join the program, as the scanning techniques, tools are mostly similar in both. Well, the course also covers first pregnancy transvaginal scanning, and third trimester, biophysical, fluid assessment, etc. In-short, if you are from a background of Ob/Gyne, Radiology, or Fetal Medicine, you are good to join this comprehensive & promising gynaecology ultrasound course that we offer.

Features of the training course:

Along with core facilities like equipment, experienced mentors, we offer other important facilities like we only keep maximum of 5 and minimum of 3 students into the single batch to maximize the quality of course and learning of the candidates to practical sessions. All the candidates get involved actively in live case study discussions, and also get the opportunity to scan on real patients by themselves. We didn’t stop here, The Medicity also offers accommodation facilities to the students with necessary amenities. Post completion of the course, every participating doctor gets awarded with double authorized certification of completion. 

The Medicity: Best Ultrasound Training Institute

As a medical platform for healthcare personalities, The Medicity, is now becoming a leading player, in offering gynaecology ultrasound course programs. The reason behind all this growth is our facilities, features and reliability. Here are the reasons why we are best in industry to provide hands-on training programs in not just ultrasound but other specializations too.

  1. You are our top priority as all the candidates that join our training program get 24X7 support in training, accommodation, and other issues.

  2. We don’t focus on numbers as much as we focus on quality education and learning of our participants.

  3. All the hospitals we arrange for you as your training centers are well equipped and feature all the latest tools and instruments required during practice.

These do not just end but there are various other facilities also for our doctors and surgeons who came here with a purpose to learn. Well, motivated enough? Then enroll into our practical ultrasound training course for gynaecology in the reputed training center making us one of the leading Ultrasound Training Institute.

For any details or book a free counseling session with our medical staff, just fill the inquiry form or call us at 1800-572-9494, additionally you can also write us an email at [email protected] 



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