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When it comes to choosing the Best Laparoscopic Training Center in India for you to learn Minimal invasive surgeries effectively, choosing such a location is very crucial as it is the place where you’ll get delivered the course concepts and theories and will be offered facilities to perform practical tasks during the training. In this blog, We’ll let you know about one of the leading FOGSI recognized Endoscopic training centers with all the advantages you get along with. We’ll also clarify the main difference between Laparoscopy and Endoscopy, although both counted the same most of the time. So, stay tuned till the end of the blog

The Medicity - Best Laparoscopic Training Center

The Medicity is a Gurgaon-based online platform that is well known among the surgeons for its FOGSI recognized laparoscopy training programs that offer the best in the industry including the most hands-on surgery training sessions, multiple hospital visits, and the opportunity to assist a highly experienced senior surgeon. So, what makes us the Top Laparoscopic Training Center in India? Well, we offer one of the leading Gynecological laparoscopy training in India most suitable for General surgeons and Ob-Gyn surgeons. Here are the reasons-

Maximum Practical Session:

One of the most significant factors in laparoscopic surgery is the maximum hands-on as you’re going to treat patients in your upcoming career, and most of the training program is either just based on observation or a very few hands-on sessions that lack practical exposure throughout the course and the competency never be achieved. Here in The medicity institute, we ensure that each candidate gets a minimum of 3-4 cases daily from Day one. The longer you’ll attend the training program, the more surgical skills as well as distinct surgeries you’ll get to learn and practice. We offer FOGSI recognized laparoscopy training that is approved by The Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India.

Modern Facility Centers:

To perform surgeries during your training in minimally invasive surgery, all you need is an ultra-modern training center equipped with the latest facilities and instruments. All the training locations of the medicity have all these attributes and are being used by many students and surgeons as trainees under their mentors already for the training purposes. As the laparoscopy surgeon uses various tools and techniques to perform surgeries like endoscopes etc, these facilities in the hospital help you to attend all the practical sessions seamlessly. This adds more value to our FOGSI recognized endoscopy training centers to make you the best suitable person for minimally invasive surgery in the healthcare community.

Highly Experienced Trainer:

The trainer or can say the instructor will get you trained in different surgeries and the suitability of the mentor's teaching ability matters the most, but before that the instructor must be self specialized in the expertise. Well, at this point, the medicity is offering you an experienced senior surgeon who has performed over 25,000+ different surgeries over 27 years of experience. So, it's your time to join our Top Laparoscopic Training Center in India.

Other Benefits & Facilities:

All the candidates who join the medicity institute for their laparoscopic surgery hand-on training will get to visit multiple hospitals for surgeries that lead to an additional experience in your career alongside core training surgical skills. On top of this, all the trainees get accommodation facilities at clean and hygienic guest houses and houses. After the completion of the program successfully, you all will be rewarded with a double recognition certificate i.e. from The medicity as well as the partner hospital where you get trained.

Laparoscopy Vs Endoscopy:

Always one thing must be cleared in your mind, that laparoscopy is a broader term than endoscopy, as the non-robotic mode of keyhole surgery is known as endoscopy where a modified instrument is used called ‘Endoscope’ which is a more specific tool built from the laparoscope. Now you know what makes us the Best Laparoscopic Training Center in India as well as the key difference between both the terms laparoscopy and endoscopy. We also offer a Fellowship in Gynae Endoscopy where students or assistant surgeons will get the chance to attend OPD, visit wards at the scheduled time, assist senior doctors in surgeries, perform research, and have a discussion with patients at pre/post-operation.

Still left with any doubt, or have a question to ask, just fill out the inquiry form, or write us at [email protected], alternatively direct call on toll-free number 1800-572-9494 (Valid in India only).



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